Terms & Conditions

Wega Rewards Terms and Conditions:

City Rewards and Competitions are run by Truxtun Capital, which owns the Wega product. By entering, you fully agree and accept these Competition Terms and Conditions (“Competition T&Cs”) together with any specific instructions and terms for such Competitions which may be mentioned on the relevant section of the website (the “City Rewards” section).

1. Who Can Enter

The Competitions are targeted for Manchester City Wega Prepaid Mastercard holders based on the data which has been provided upon signing up for the Wega card. Proof of identity and age may be required. Employees of Truxtun Capital or their families as well as any person professionally connected with Wega and/or the Competitions are not eligi-ble to enter.

To enter the Competition, entrants must have access to the internet and be registered as a Manchester City Prepaid Wega Mastercard holder. Entrants must accumulate the nec-essary amount of points to enter any given Competition. Points are accumulated by mak-ing purchases with the Wega card. See more details in the Loyalty Program section be-low.

All entries must be made directly by the person entering the Competition. If you are be-tween the ages of 13 to 18 years old, we may request that you obtain parental / legal guardian consent before participating in any Competitions. Truxtun Capital reserves the right to request that you provide contact details of a parent / legal guardian as part of the submission process and may contact your parent / legal guardian to verify such prior permission. In most cases, Truxtun Capital will rely on the parental / legal guardian con-sent that was obtained as part of the registration process for Wega Youth card member-ship.

By entering the Competition, you warrant that all information submitted by you is true, cur-rent, and complete.

2. The Loyalty Program

Loyalty Status Blue
Points Earned £1 = 1 Wega Point
Enter to Win Exclusive Rewards
  • Signed shirt from a Manchester City player - 200 points
  • General admission tickets to a London match - 350 points
Points Required to Achieve Loyalty Status 0 points
Benefits 10% Discount when spending on Manchester City merchandise
Loyalty Status Silver
Points Earned £1 = 2 Wega Points
Enter to Win Exclusive Rewards
  • LED Message of your Choice at Etihad Stadium - 500 points
  • VIP Box Tickets - 900 points
  • Chairman’s Club Tickets - 2000 points
Premium Packages
  • VIP Box Premium
  • Experience: VIP Box Tickets plus Blue Carpet - 1200 points
  • The Chairman’s Club Premium Experience: Chairman’s Club Tickets plus Blue Carpet - 2500 points
Points Required to Achieve Loyalty Status 500 points
Benefits 10% Discount when spending on Manchester City merchandise
Loyalty Status Gold
Points Earned £1 = 3 Wega Points
Enter to Win Exclusive Rewards
  • Tunnel Club Tickets - 10000 points
Gold Packages
  • VIP Box Gold Experi-ence: Box Tickets plus VIP Pitch-side Passes - 3000 points
  • Chairman’s Club Gold Experience: Tickets plus VIP Pitch-side passes - 4000 points
  • The Gold Standard: VIP Box Tickets plus Attendance to Watch the First Team Train - 7000 points
Points Required to Achieve Loyalty Status 3000 points
Benefits 10% Discount when spending on Manchester City merchandise
Loyalty Status Platinum
Points Earned £1 = 4 Wega Points
Enter to Win Exclusive Rewards
  • Meet & Greet with Man City players - 15000 points
  • Travel with the Team to an Away European match - 20000 points
Points Required to Achieve Loyalty Status 12000 points
Benefits 10% Discount when spending on Manchester City merchandise

Points are accumulated by making purchases with the Wega card. Cardholders accumu-late points starting with a £1 = 1 Wega Point conversion, then gradually achieve a higher loyalty status by building more points. Purchases count for more points when the card-holder reaches a higher loyalty status. With a higher status, cardholders increase chanc-es to win exclusive experiences only available to Wega cardholders. All Wega cardhol-ders start with a Blue loyalty status, £1= 1 Wega Point. After accumulating the necessary points, Blue status cardholders may enter to win a signed shirt from a City player, or enter to win General Admission tickets to a London match. At Silver status, £1= 2 Wega Points. After accumulating the necessary points, cardholders may enter to win their own LED Message at the Etihad, VIP Box tickets, Chairman’s Club tickets, or Premium Package experiences listed in the chart above. At Gold status, £1= 3 Wega Points. After accumula-ting the necessary points, cardholders may enter to win Tunnel Club tickets, or Gold Package experiences listed in the chart above. At Platinum status, £1= 4 Wega Points. After accumulating the necessary points, cardholders may enter a competition to win a Meet & Greet with Manchester City players in person, or may enter a competition to travel with the team to an Away European match. Cardholders are able to view their loyalty sta-tus, the points required to achieve the next status, the deadline of their Qualification peri-od*, and the amount of points required per competition directly in the Wega App.

As a cardholder, when you start to spend and accumulate points and you enter a compe-tition, the exact point value of that competition will be deducted from your point total. This will not affect the Loyalty Status which you have achieved. For example, if you have ac-cumulated 500 points and achieve Silver status, and then use 350 points to enter the “Tickets to a London Match” competition, you will have 150 points left and will remain in Silver status. Your purchases going forward are then calculated at the Silver status point conversion £1= 2 Wega Points for a 12 month Qualification period*.

*There is a 12 month Qualification period in which cardholders maintain their Loyalty Sta-tus. The status in the Loyalty Program to which a cardholder qualifies, will be determined by the number of points gained during a 12 month Qualification period. In the event that a cardholder reaches the next level within 12 months, a new Qualification period of 12 months will start. This Qualification period has a precise end date, which is viewable di-rectly in the Wega App. In the event that a cardholder does not gain the necessary num-ber of points for a Loyalty Status upgrade, but enough points to remain at its current level, the cardholder will remain at their current level. In the event that a cardholder does not gain enough points to remain at their current level, the cardholder shall be downgraded to the next lower Loyalty Status level.

‘Qualification Period’ is defined as the period starting on a Qualification Date and lasting for a maximum period of 12 full calendar months or the moment the cardholder gained enough points for the next Loyalty Status level, whichever occurs first. Once the next level has been achieved, a new 12 month Qualification period will start. In the event that the next level has not been reached within 12 calendar months, a new Qualification Period will start at either the current level if the cardholder has spent the necessary amount to remain at their status, or at a downgraded level if the cardholder has not spent enough to remain at their current level.

3. How to Enter

Each Competition has its own closing date which is stated in the City Rewards section. Truxtun Capital will carry out a number of Competitions during the Competition Period which cardholders may enter with the necessary amount of points, visible in the Wega App, for a chance to win prizes. Any entries received outside the Competition Period will not be considered for the Competition, even if they appear to be registered. Entry to each Competition is available according to the amount of points you have accumulated on your Wega card.

To enter you need to comply with the Competition Information and select ‘Enter to Win’ in the City Rewards section. Your details from registering for the Wega card (name, age, email address, address, telephone number) will automatically be used to enter you into the Competition.

4. Other Conditions for Entry

Only one entry is permitted per person for each Competition, however entrants are free to enter as many separate Competitions as they choose if they have the necessary points accumulated.

The following entries are not valid entries: (i) entries submitted using a method or tech-nique designed to unfairly increase chances of winning; (ii) third party or bulk entries; (iii) entries made in breach of these Competition T&Cs; (iv) entries with inappropriate, illegal or offensive content; (v) entries received outside the Competition Period; (vi) dishonest entries; (vii) entires with insufficient points accumulated.

Truxtun Capital may verify the validity of entries, disqualify any entrant and invalidate or recover prizes issued to an entrant following breach of these Competition T&Cs or if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the Competition. Truxtun Capital deals with such prizes at its discretion.

No responsibility can be accepted for (i) any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete entries or information caused by an entrant or occurring during transmission or (ii) entries not received for whatever reason, including for entries lost, delayed or corrupted, or due to computer error in transit.

For user generated content competitions: Entries must be the original work of the entrant and not previously published anywhere else. Entries must not contain anything defamatory, obscene, illegal or otherwise inappropriate as may be deemed by Truxtun Capital. The image you upload must not contain any of the following: (i) trademarks or company names (ii) slogans, tag lines, branding, marketing or promotional products, ser-vices or images of companies (iii) images of, or the name or nickname of, celebrities, mu-sicians, sportspersons, entertainers, public figures, film stars, cartoon characters, mem-bers of the royal family or other famous people (iv) contact information (v) political state-ments or images relating to ethnicity or religion (vi) images of flags (vii) images, signs, symbols or text relating to money, currency, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, hatred, graf-fiti, betting, gambling, or financial products and services (viii) provocative, lewd or sexual images or content (ix) nudity (x) offensive, anti-social or obscene material (xi) any refer-ence to the Olympic Games, World Cup or any other international branded event or (xiii) weapons.

Truxtun Capital reserves the right to reject any name, photograph or text it considers in-appropriate or offensive.

5. The Prize

Selecting a winner

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries received by the closing date stated in the Competition Information. All entries will be verified by Truxtun Capital and/or its agents. The winner will be notified by email and/or telephone following the closing date. In order to accept the prize, the winner will be required to communicate their acceptance to Truxtun Capital by email and/or telephone within 2 working days of being offered the prize. Truxtun Capital may require a winner to communicate their acceptance on less notice if reasonably necessary (prior to a match day). If the winner cannot be contacted or if the winner fails to communicate their acceptance of the prize to Truxtun Capital within 2 working days of being contacted by Truxtun Capital, or is unable to comply with these Competition T&C’s, Truxtun Capital reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant drawn at random, or in the event that the Competition is being judged, Truxtun Capital reserves the right to offer the prize to the runner(s)-up selected by the same judges.

Depending on the Competition you have entered on Wega Rewards, please refer to the terms & conditions below covering prizes relating to merchandise, trips & city experiences, and match tickets.


The prize will be the object stated within the Competition Information. No cash alternative to the prize will be offered. The prize is non-refundable and non-transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice. In the event of a prize being unavailable, Truxtun Capital reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.

Truxtun Capital reserves the right in its sole discretion to withhold delivery of the prize until proof of eligibility and/or identity requested by Truxtun Capital has been confirmed, and if such proof is not produced on request, to disqualify the entrant from the Competi-tion. The winner is responsible for ensuring they are able to comply with these Competi-tion T&Cs. In the event they are unable to do so then Truxtun Capital reserves the right to redraw the prize.

Trips & City Experiences

For prizes which include flights, both the departure and return flights must be used on the same route. Tickets cannot be upgraded, and for flights with Etihad Airways, Etihad Miles may not be accrued. The winner will be required to adhere to the Etihad Airways terms and conditions of travel or the terms and conditions for the relevant travel provider. Unless otherwise stated in the Competition Information, the winner is responsible for their own expenses incurred in connection with the prize including travel, accommodation ex-penses and any necessary travel documents, passports and visas.

The prize may be passed on to friends or relatives but you will still be held responsible for any actions involving the use of the prize by the transferee. The prize cannot be offered for sale.

Truxtun Capital reserves the right to offer an alternative or similar prize if a prize becomes unavailable for any reason, no cash alternative will be offered.

Wega Youth Card holders (13 to 18 years of age) who win a prize, must be chaperoned with an adult over the age of 18.

Match Tickets

All match tickets are ”home” tickets for Manchester City Football Club and you must be a home or neutral supporter to attend the match. Away fans are not permitted in the ”home” section of the stadium. Winners are subject to screening by Truxtun Capital based on their conditions of entry, and we are not liable if you or any person accompanying you is refused entry because you do not meet these conditions.

Each match ticket is issued by Manchester City Football Club and is subject to its terms and conditions of entry, which are available from Manchester City Football Club. The use of a ticket to enter a Manchester City Football Club stadium constitutes acceptance of that Club's terms and conditions of entry. The ticket shall remain at all times the property of the issuing Club.

The winner is responsible for expenses and arrangements not specifically included in the prize, including any necessary travel documents, passports and visas. In order to receive their prize, the winner will be required to collect the tickets on or before the match day.

6. Publicity

Truxtun Capital reserves the right to publish entries (including parts of entries) other than the winning entry and publication does not necessarily mean the entrant has won a prize. The winner agrees to participate in reasonable public relations to this Competition, includ-ing but not limited to having their name, photograph and disclosure of country of resi-dence published with their entry and used for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice or without any fee being paid and will co-operate with any other reasonable requests made by Truxtun Capital relating to any post-winning publicity.

7. Intellectual Property

Truxtun Capital does not claim any rights of ownership in your entry. As such, entrants will retain ownership of the copyright in their submitted entries and, subject to any license granted to Truxtun Capital, you will also have the right to use your entry however you choose.

By submitting your entry to Truxtun Capital you hereby grant to Truxtun Capital, and par-ties authorised by Truxtun Capital, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, transferrable license (with the right to sub-license) to use, edit, reproduce, play, perform, modify, translate, distribute, prepare derivative works of and/or to display your entry (or part thereof) as Truxtun Capital sees fit in any medium or method (whether now or later developed) to be exercised in Truxtun Capital’s sole discretion throughout the world.

You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive any so-called "moral rights of authors" in your entry and such rights under section 77 and section 80 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, or similar rights arising under the laws of any jurisdiction, as you now have or hereafter acquire in relation to your entry.

8. General

By submitting an entry, you promise that all information submitted as part of the entry is true, current and complete. Truxtun Capital reserves the right to verify all entries. Truxtun Capital reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel or amend the Competi-tion at any time as it sees fit and if voided, suspended or cancelled Truxtun Capital is un-der no obligation to deliver the prize to any Competition entrant.

To the extent permitted by law, Truxtun Capital is not liable for any loss, damage, injury or disappointment suffered in connection with the Competition or any delays or failure (in whole or in part) to perform any of its obligations if such delay or failure is caused by something beyond its control.

Truxtun Capital will not be held responsible for the winner and/or companion not taking advantage of the Prize due to health or any other reason.

Truxtun Capital will not be held responsible if the fixture does not go ahead at the time/date detailed on the ticket. Should the game be postponed, your tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date.

TRUXTUN Capital SA has the right to modify these general conditions at any time, when the circumstances call for it. In such cases, it is for TRUXTUN Capital SA to announce the modifications beforehand, in an appropriate manner. Provided no grounds for objection have been filed within one month of their publication (and upon using your card for the first time) the modifications shall be deemed to have been accepted. In the event of a dispute, The cardholder is entitled to cancel the card with immediate effect before the modifications become effective. We reserve the right to make special agreements.

This agreement is governed by Swiss material law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal proceedings is Geneva. Also, it is the place of performance as well as the place of enforcement for cardholders residing abroad. The mandatory places of jurisdiction remain reserved.